Thursday, 2 February 2012


This relates to the theory of ideology being communicated through the media. Sir mentioned a while back that it is a good idea to make the blog a bit more interesting, so I tried using one of these SlideShare embed things.

As I am particularly terrible at communicating through every medium of the "not writing" variety, I should clarify some of the points I've made here:

The ideology theory says that certain ideals are transmitted from the institution (the media product's creator) to the audience, which can influence the audience's thoughts and beliefs.

The institution can also take advantage of the audience's views of 'ideals', by creating products which appeal to those beliefs.


On another note, I am aware I have unacceptable lack of reference to Althusser's theories; this is because I have found little information about them that I can fully understand. As I find more relevant information I will post it.


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  1. Looks good to me, HM. Have posted some extra bits to see if that helps. Hoping you can work in a couple more keywords and have a crack at developing to include a specific application in terms of representation to a programme of your choice and, once you've had a chance to let it sink in, maybe see if you develop it to also cover how, for example, Hollywood is particularly adept at interpellating us. Really good start though. Just think, next year you'll be going to uni interviews going 'well, in year 12 I independently found all this out about Althusser who my teacher hadn't head about until he did his Masters and applied it to...' /flex.