Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Coursework Update 3 - We are musicians now

Earlier on today we got some more editing done on the coursework film draft, which so far seems to be coming together okay. For now we have got a major part of the film complete: the theme tune!

Yes, originally we were just going to find some CC stock music to use for the title sequence, but we decided that instead of taking the lazy option, we should put something together ourselves.

The lyrics here were written by Luke, Oliver and Jay, with those three and Samir doing vocals on the track.  The backing music consists of GarageBand loops which I put together with direction from the others at school in the Mac room... I did the rest of the editing/mixing on GarageBand when I got home - specifically the ending and all the electronic/grunge effects.

Originally this was supposed to have a rap influence, but after it became apparent that rap a) is terrible, b) won't feel right in the scene and c) didn't sound right when mixing it made sense to change it to what it is now... whatever it is now. I spent a while playing around in GB this evening and found some pretty interesting grunge/modern filtering effects which in my opinion sound good on the vocals. In the end I put a fair few amp simulations on the vocal tracks, as well as pitch correction (c'mon, everyone else gets away with it!). The scene in which this will be played is the one where we see the characters walking down the street with the wine bottle - this will have our credits overlayed.



  1. I've been listening to the bit with Luke and Oliver doing the whole 'dooby doob' thing for ages now, I don't know why it amuses me so much :') It sounds great Harry, and I'm very sorry for mine and Hannah's "DROP THE BEAT" in your original one :')

    1. No worries :D Also, the 'dooby doob' part is simply the best thing ever, of all time.

  2. Doo bee doo bee doo, da doo be doo...