Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Coursework Update 5 - More editing, etc.

Earlier on we managed to get some more editing work done on the coursework draft; and managed to overcome some problems and put some new ideas together.

Firstly, upon continuing putting the shots we want to use in order we came across a particularly noticeable continuity error when Oliver picks up the wine bottle for the first time. This part is done over two shots - the first is a medium shot, and the second is a close-up of the bottle. The problem we noticed is that in the close-up shot he appears to be holding the bottle at a different angle to how he is in the first shot.

Naturally upon noticing this it seemed more than just a little annoying, especially as Oliver has moved away now so we don't have the option of just calling him to come down to reshoot the one scene.

Thankfully we're using Final Cut Pro which despite my annoyance at Apple over their... unusual practice of discontinuing their software in favour of an inferior "upgrade" is of great use as its Wireframe tool allowed us to just rotate the particular shot - then zoom in to eliminate the ugly, ugly black borders.

On the topic, we've had another couple of brainwaves regarding the actual content itself - the first is during that same wine bottle scene. We've decided to dub in an angelic-sounding vocal chorus for humorous effect - to give the impression that finding this wine bottle is the greatest thing that has ever happened to the lads in their life. I'm gonna try to get this put together ASAP.

The other notable thought we had came together accidentally, all thanks to my completely organised and structured approach to finding the effect I want in Final Cut (which, of course, is pressing every single button until I find the one I want). One of the effects we tried for the Great Wine Bottle Continuity Error Cover-Up Mission which didn't work as we wanted was a filter called Wide Time, which appears to distort the timing of the clip in an overlay to give give a kind of out-of-order, trippy look. Wouldn't work for the scene we were working on today, yet I believe it will work wonders during our title sequence, which sees Luke, Oliver and Samir stumbling down the road whilst drinking.

For the sake of this we'll forget that we live around Cheshunt and say that you don't often see teenage kids stumbling around drunk in broad daylight, so the all over the place filter will convey that this is an out-of-the-ordinary event to the viewer. This will be reinforced by the fact that this particular shot that we plan to use it on is a tracking shot which follows the lads down a fairly long pathway, so the idea is there that it should be a pretty simple walking scene, yet in actuality they are stumbling around all over the place, with the video filter exaggerating this. I'll post another update when we get to editing this to report how well it actually works.


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