Friday, 24 February 2012

Lost my USB flash drive...

Possible chaos could have occurred here but thankfully a) most of the stuff we've been using has been running off Sir's hard drive and the camera, and b) I have a backup on my computer at home of the stuff that hasn't.

Because of this it doesn't matter in regards to coursework (except for however much that thing cost me, can't remember...) but I do need to find an additional backup device for the .fcp file itself (and resources) -  previously  I'd been saving on the hard drive, the memory stick and the Mac's internal hard drive. Obviously the Mac's HDD is unreliable as heck because anyone who happens to use the Mac can access it and make their own artistic contributions to it, but I'd just been saving it there as a potential last resort. Now going to have to either acquire a new memory stick for backing up the work or find the old one (I think I lost it in school though, so it possibly has a new owner now...)

tl;dr: I fail big time.


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