Saturday, 25 February 2012

Coursework Update 6 - Meetup Scene

I thought it'd make sense to get some of the individual shots uploaded onto the YouTube channel, for the sake of showing some of the ways in which we've tried to get individual shots right, and some of the problems we've faced.

One of the scenes which took a bit of work to get right was the scene where Oliver, Luke and Samir meet up with each other in the car park - we decided having them all come from different directions was necessary as the previous shots had shown them in different locations, however the way in which this is presented needs to be right. We've been playing on the contrast between the way the characters are shown for humorous effect (they are shown to be trying to present themselves as "cool", yet there are things stopping this from working for them e.g. Luke walking into a door, Oliver tripping up). As this is the first scene where they are shown as a group, we needed to get the "cool" appearance - which could be achieved aesthetically by having them all reach the same point at the same time.

To get this right, we actually had a practice run without the camera so that everyone was the right distance away and was moving at the right speed. As Oliver was furthest, he'd start running towards the point first at my shout, then once he was a certain distance forward I'd nod to cue the others.

Here are some of our takes of this part -

As you can see from take #2 we once again faced the problem of working around other people on the site; this particular shot had to be cut short because a member of staff was coming our way from around the corner, making that particular shot useless.

The first shot was scrapped simply because my camerawork was terrible.

The third shot is the one we're using as it seems to be have steadiest camerawork, and the formation in which the characters are walking in as they pass the camera looks better for effect we were going for.


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