Monday, 27 February 2012

Coursework Update 7 - Bright lights, colours all around

One of the problems we'd identified early on is that with the conditions we were shooting in, some of the shots looked a little dark and grey. This was mostly unavoidable due to the limitations of the school building being poorly lit in the inside shots, and the weather affecting the outside shots.

During post-production it is going to be necessary to artificially change the lighting and saturation of some of the shots, both for the sake of making them more interesting, and for continuity (in that lighting is consistent with the shots before and after it).

I had a shot at playing with some of the lighting in iMovie (it was either that or Pinnacle...) to see how easy it's going to be to 'rescue' some of this footage. Results:

(Original shot on the left, edited version on the right)

This shows that it is indeed possible to make a dull grey shot into something which is as colourful as a Gordon Ramsay programme. It is possible to enhance the colours and lighting further (which may be necessary in the second shot from the video) however I have avoided this as it is important to keep a certain degree of realism for the film to work.


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