Friday, 3 February 2012

Coursework Update 4 - Even more music stuff...

Just had a spare bit of time so I thought I'd have a go at revising the theme - in the first version it dawned on me that the intro just... wasn't as good as it could be. I had a bit of a tinker with it --

Obvious change is that the guitar loop at the start isn't kept going for as long as before, because I'm sure that clashing with the drums was what was making it sound a little off time.

Not sure which is better to be honest; this or v1. I'm more inclined to say 2, but we'll make a solid decision as a group later on.

(On a slightly off-topic note to Sir - thanks for finding the Althusser info, I'll have a proper look through it over the weekend and continue with the post. Come to mention it, it appears I was going on more about socialisation than anything else there. Will correct as soon as possible.)

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