Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Digital Screen Network

This blog has been about as interesting as a Nickelback album over the last week or so, so it's about time I posted something to it.

The Digital Screen Network is a system run by the UK Film Council which provides funding for cinemas to gain access to digital equiptment. The idea behind this is that it is much cheaper and easier for film-makers to send their work to cinemas digitally than by using physical media. This makes it much easier for smaller, independant films to be shown, which both feeds money into the industry and allows for more consumer choice.

So far the Digital Screen Network has invested £12m across 210 cinemas across the country, equipping 240 screens with digital projection technology overall. So far this has allowed for a fair number of non-mainstream fils to be shown in cinemas, which is beneficial to the film industry overall.

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