Friday, 27 January 2012

Coursework Update 2 - Dub ALL the sounds!

Over the course of filming one thing in particular has become apparent - sound is going to be an issue. This is for two reasons in particular - 1) the sound quality on the Bloggie isn't exactly the best and 2) we're filming next to a road (meaning we have a heck of a lot of unwanted background noise).

To explain this better -

I've artificially lowered the sound in this clip using FCPX as originally it was so painfully sharp it was intolerable. With the exception of a couple of hiccups where I knock the camera which will have to be lowered manually this comes to a suitable level of background noise (we have to keep some for the sake of realism) however it also near enough mutes the dialogue.

To work around this we're going to have to rely on overdubbing. Thankfully I have access to some reasonable quality Logitech microphones, so now it's just a case of organising ourselves to get these recordings done. Hopefully we'll have a chance to do this either round mine or in the cam room early next week so we can get moving with the editing.

Things we need to look out for -

- Voices are in sync with the visuals: Seems pretty obvious, yet the recordings need to be just the right length to fit in properly.
- Consistency between recordings: Each audio track will need to be mixed at an appropriate volume to feel realistic in the scene. We can't have one line noticeably louder/quieter than the previous, except for when there is a logical reason for it (e.g. Oliver shouting after being hit by the bird mess).
- Quality/background noise: Particularly important with the mic - it's incredibly easy to make unwanted noise when talking into a microphone, so when speaking the cast will need to be a sensible distance away from the mic. We'll also need to make several recordings of each line, so that we have a fair amount to work with when putting it all together. We need to make the recordings in a quiet place where other noises are unlikely to get in the way.

On another sound-related note, I'm going to try and put together an original track in GarageBand for us to have playing in the sequence where the titles are appearing. However, as my musical skills are fairly limited, this might not come to much; though it's still worth a try.


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