Friday, 20 January 2012

Coursework Update 1 - Initial Shooting

We finally got around to starting shooting for our coursework earlier today; using a completely different story to our original plan -

We see three characters (Luke, Oliver & Samir) leaving school and meeting up by the car park. They then proceed to leave the school grounds and find a full wine bottle. The characters are seen sharing the drink whilst stumbling down the road, like a group of completely respectable members of society - as the opening credits are displayed).


Wine bottle/wine:

(Luke and Oliver with the drink props)

Because walking down the road filming my friends drinking themselves stupid would be just a tad irresponsible (as well as illegal), we thought it would be a better idea to use a substitute prop. The bottle is just an old empty that my dad had in the recycling box from a party a few days back, and the "wine" is a mixture of lemonade and apple juice. We made sure we had plenty of the stuff available so that we could refill it when taking additional shots, and both are available cheaply for when we reshoot scenes.

Bird mess:

We have a scene where Oliver gets attacked by a bird, so we needed something to do the job. Breaking parts off of a glue stick seemed to work perfectly as it stuck on without leaving a mark when removed. Again, it's cheaply available so we don't have to worry about it when reshooting. 


School uniforms. The characters are just leaving school, so it makes sense. We will need to be careful when shooting further scenes that the characters are wearing the same uniform; no-one likes a glaringly-obvious continuity error...


Whilst filming it's become apparent that if it can go wrong, it will go wrong. 

We made a point of filming the in-school parts during free periods in the school day; this is to minimalise the number of people walking around invading the background - however this has still been a problem. We've had a number of shots which have had to be cut off early because a member of staff has walked past or a group of lower-school kids have been shouting etc.. 

The scene in the car park is going to be a nightmare when taking future shots - although I think all of the wide shots we have taken today are satisfactory, so when reshooting it will be a case of being creative with close-ups to hide the fact that all the cars have switched places.

Sound is also going to be an issue - the microphone quality on the Bloggie is beyond a joke, and the background noise from cars going past doesn't help matters. I'm certain that we're going to have to overdub all of our dialogue in the post-production stage, thankfully there isn't too much of it.

Weather: the problem with filming outside, as I mentioned in a previous post. The ground was wet when we filmed, so the ground will need to be wet when we re-film.


I'll follow on from this as we progress further.

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