Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Preliminary Assignment copy copy final copy 4 (Analysis)

After all the work from filming this thing we finally have the prelim put together. Some things to note:

- Cuts: I'm not sure whether to put this one down to my own stupidity or the technology available. On the screen in Final Cut it appeared that frames were dropping around the cut transitions, however since rendering the cuts seem to be pretty choppy and all over the place. I'm not sure if this this is due to FCP's rendering or YouTube's processing (I would check local, but I'm using a six-year old TouchSmart right now which doesn't like playing 1080p videos anyway!).
- Continuity: The one I keep going on about - we do have some minor continuity mishaps involving where the actors are standing from one shot to another. I should note, however, some of these appeared okay in the Final Cut UI, and are just now looking off due to the cuts going a bit whack.
- Shot Changes: See the uber-long shot at 0:24 - there are some moments where I feel we could have used more alternating shots as opposed to having one long shot.
- Props: Obviously the lack of actual props is for humorous effect here...
- Scream/Gunshot: These SFX are both Apple Loops from GarageBand, which can be used within non-commercial and commercial projects providing that they are not sold as standalone sounds or part of sound/loop packages.

I feel the prelim does what it needs to do, and has given us some pointers for when we create the final coursework piece.

- HM.

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