Thursday, 5 April 2012

Won't you fly high free bird?

As mentioned earlier, we have a part where Oliver gets hit by bird mess. Previously we were just going to  let the dialogue clarify what happened, but we decided it'd be much more effective if we actually show the bird in the sky.

Today I went out to get a shot of a bird flying around which we could use. Simple task right? Just get the camera and start shooting when a bird flies past, right?

Apparently not. I probably spent a good 30-45 minutes today wandering around the school looking for birds to film as they fly over, but it turned out to be difficult. This is as 3 criteria need to be satisfied in order to get the shot right:

- A bird needs to fly over. Well, duh. There haven't been many birds around today, and the ones that have been have just been sitting on the ground or on a branch, as though they're just mocking me for fun.
- There can't be any trees/buildings/fences in the way. So many shots got killed by this.
- I need to be filming properly. I lost quite a few shots where my camerawork was all over the place.

Here are the different takes I got today --

I would love to have dubbed A New Venture or some other form of unfitting music over this but sadly copyright exists; so you'll just have to appreciate the many takes of me trying desperately hard to film a bird.


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