Friday, 20 April 2012

Coursework Update 12

So yeah, after about a month's worth of editing and four months worth of rendering we've finally got the thing finished off...

Overall it's fair to say we've had a great deal of problems delaying this, with the most prominent over the last week or so being the sound mixing. Oliver's had to record his own overdubs away from us and email them to me to use as he's a fair way away - thank god for the internets... Luke recorded his overdubs a few days back, and we haven't been able to get hold of Samir, so I had to voice act him.

The problem this has caused is that as we've been using different equipment, everything's been recorded at different volumes, meaning that it's been a technological nightmare to get everything at the right volume relative to everything else. I spent nearly two hours straight Tuesday evening just adjusting the volume of the different sound clips to try and balance it out; this is partially down to paranoia, but also because it's necessary to make the thing presentable. I'm still not completely convinced by the music levels vs. the dialogue levels, but in all honesty I might end up driving myself to insanity if I start again...

The other consistent problem has been the render and export times but yesterday when I clicked to export... it'd finished in about an hour. Maybe it was just that the technology demons were saving all of their energy up so they could enforce the Performance Curse yesterday evening at the showcase... -_-

Will work on a proper evaluation for this later on, but for now, watch and enjoy.


EDIT: 50th post on le blog, what do I win!?


  1. You win this (oh, it was an animated gif of Sonic but it won't post, it is here

    1. Best. Prize. Ever.

      (Sonic 2 sprite, I believe?)