Thursday, 5 April 2012

Coursework Update 10 - Productive Week Is Productive

Have been doing editing work this week, and somehow or the other managed to get stuff done! Yay for productivity.


- Moved some of the titles around, they now move at a faster pace and come in around the same rate as the beat of the BGM.
- Exported so we have some kind of progress to show; this is uploading now and providing YouTube doesn't decide to hate me this should be posted later today.

This is now outdated due to the edits made earlier, but it gives a general gist of what the titles look like.


- Tidied up the titles a little more. This ensured they came in and out spot on with the beat which helps maintain their pacing. Also moved the 'The Lads' title card further towards the end of the intro clip.
- Fixed some of the lighting in a number of shots - most noticeably in the shots where Oliver runs through the door, and when Samir puts his hat on - prior to this some of the shots looked a little too dark, which made them seem out of place when one considers how light-hearted the action on screen is.
- Filmed a bird in the sky and interjected said shot into the shot of Oliver being 'attacked' (more on this in a later post).
- Adjusted the framing of the shots where Oliver runs through the door using the Wireframe tool in FCP - this now works as an action match transition as the double-door appears to be in about the same place on the screen in both shots. Wasn't really much inspiration behind this other than thinking "wouldn't it be cool if..." when watching it back, but I'm now glad I did this as it looks much better than it was.
- Tweaked volume of the bird sound effect during Samir's scene so it's now just a background noise and slightly less obvious that it's a stock that's been placed over the top of the shot.

I also ended up booting up GarageBand and using one of the slow blues presets and the Musical Typing piano to compose a song titled "I'm Dying And My Family Are Dead And My Dog Is Dead And My Life Is Generally Terrible" to leave on the Mac's HDD to spark the interest of anyone who happens to use it.

So yeah, now we're going to have to get the voices overdubbed, fix up a couple of parts and then we should be off the ground.


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  1. Make sure you through the post and clearly explain what it is specifically you have done. You're pretty good at this but there are still a few places where it is a little vague such as "tidied up the titles a little more". How, why etc?