Sunday, 15 April 2012

Coursework Update 11 - Storyboard

After spending a great deal of this weekend eating and watching Sonic and Mega Man LPs on YouTube I thought I should do something productive and get the storyboard posted. 

In regards to image quality - I have to apologise for this, I don't have access to an A3 scanner and cutting from an A4 scanner is too awkward to be practical so I ended up taking photographs with the Bloggie and then cropping them to a reasonable size. The lighting makes it too difficult to read most of the writing, so I ended up going into Preview (yeah, I know) to add a text box to each shot clarifying what is happening in regards to things like camera angle/dialogue. 

All of the transitions are cuts except where noted. The artwork is the work of Luke, because I can't draw for my life.

-note- A fade transition is used here, to make the shots look more 'epic'.

-note- That should say Oliver. I am a terrible person.

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