Friday, 20 April 2012

'The Lads' Outtakes/Alternate Shots

When filming we naturally had waaaay more footage than we needed; some of these were things that went wrong (goofing up lines, leaving unused props in the shot etc.) and others were alternate takes that just didn't look right in the sequence. I actually have a fair bit more unused footage than what I've put in this video; though much of it consists of multiple repeats of each shot - in these cases I've just put one example so you can get the idea without being bored to tears watching us mess up the same things over and over. But eh.


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  1. I'll add a more detailed comment in a bit when one hand isn't full of upset toddler but what is particularly useful about this is it evidences the fact that, whilst the camera work you generated wasn't always the steadiest, you have critically evaluated the shots you would use and obviously gone back and refilmed / been able to select more effective shots / used the editing skills to reduce shakiness. Thanks, I can use this as evidence for marks.

    Apologies Harry, I'm going to be embarrassing now. Everyone else, have a look at the detail Harry goes in to please in some of his posts (not necessarily this one, but this post isn't intended to be a detailed one I assume) - we is succinct, uses a range of technologies and makes clear and specific reference to what they did, how they did whatever they did and why they did it.