Tuesday, 13 March 2012



As it's necessary to highlight the problems which have arisen during the production of the coursework film, I felt I should make mention of the most prominent issue we've had so far, which has been constantly reoccurring.

This is that everything seems to be really time consuming, with a lot of waiting around involved. This is especially the case with both rendering and uploading.

Rendering: Because of the strength of the filters we're using, this takes ages. Sometimes it feels like once it has started it isn't going to have finished until the outside world are all driving around in hover cars. As mentioned before, we've tried to work around this by cutting up the longer clips and rendering them individually so I don't have time to get impatient, but it still isn't 100% effective. It's also frustrating how making a minor edit (say, moving the text in a logo from one side of the screen to the other) means the particular clip needs rerendering. Fun.

Uploading: This is down to my connection, and the fact our clips are filmed and exported in 1080p HD. Am currently waiting on another of our test exports. Problem is, uploading at each stage is absolutely necessary because the videos all behave completely differently depending on whether they are played local in FCP's canvas or in YouTube's player post-encoding, so we need to ensure that everything will look right in the final release.

So yeah, waiting for technology to do its job = not fun.



  1. Remember to make sure you have any post that gives evidence of your work labelled. The labels I;ve suggested are 'research and planning' or 'evaluation' (or both for a single post of you need them).

    1. Have been using "coursework film" for pretty much anything to do with the film and "coursework evaluation" specifically for the evaluation stuff - is this clear enough or would it be an idea for me to go back and shift the R&P content to a unique tag?