Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Coursework Update 10 - Insert Title Here

Today we've been working on the titles for the film opening, which will play during the opening musical sequence as Luke, Oliver and Samir are stumbling down the road.

The credits in the titles cover:

- Director
- Producer
- Editor
- Cast
- Photography
- Sound supervision
- Soundtrack performance

There have been problems with doing this (as usual -_-), which involve

  • Rendering - this takes ages, and I am impatient. The immense time it takes to render means it's unpractical to do so to check each individual piece of text, meaning that some of our title placements have been done using the professional technique we know as guesstimation.
  • Title placement - as above, due to our right justification of all the titles it's important that they are consistently placed right down to the pixel. Without being able to preview this is difficult to do.
  • Fonts - it's taken us ages to pick a font for the title. The window in FCP conveniently doesn't have a preview so it's a case of just going through each of the fonts we thought had cool names. We have finally made a decision (for now at least) - the names and institution names are in a fairly simple serif font - this way it's fairly professional looking, but not in a way that takes itself too seriously. The "The Lads" title is placed after all of these in a scratchy-looking handwriting font (Chalkduster!); again so that it doesn't take itself too seriously. This is a light-hearted film opening, so it feels appropriate.
Am currently in the process of making yet another export; trying out a few different settings, so that we have something I can upload to the SRF YouTube channel to show these titles in action. That way later on I can post said video onto the blog, because this blog is supposed to be interesting (as much as I love making excessively long written posts, the end reader probably doesn't share this interest.) 

Also, the rest of this post is likely to be off-topic waffle because the thing is going to take another 5 minutes to export so I have some time to kill. Apologies for this. Final Cut really frustrates me sometimes, especially when it takes ages to load up/render different things etc. (though I think this is more down to the RAM on the Mac itself. Sadly the child lock things on the system here block me from checking the actual specs, this really annoys me). It's also annoying that YouTube is blocked; I understand that the school has blocked it due to the Educational Use ruling in their contract with the grid, but in this case it is actually for educational use, and it would allow me to upload stuff here rather than have to use the horrifically slow connection I have at home. Fun times.

And... I believe it's done. Over and out.

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