Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Coursework Update 8 - Live & Learn

We did a bit more editing work today, which consisted almost entirely (by which I mean, entirely) of applying the WideTime filter to the final shot of the opening. This is what I have been referring to by names such as the "drunk filter", the "whooshy filter" and the "whooshy drunk all over the place effecty-thing", among other similar technical terminology.

This filter is a creative decision we made on the basis that it made the particular shot more involving; as the characters are stumbling down the street drinking, it made sense to distort the visuals so that they representative of the atmosphere in the scene. If I am being honest, I think this seems to work in practice.

There was a rather big problem with this though - it's a long piece of video, and the filter takes ages to render, meaning the end of last week's session and today's whole two-hour editing session consisted of rendering.

However, a combination of the render times and our impatience led to a sudden epiphany - instead of whacking the filter on full blast throughout the whole piece, we could use the razor blade to slice the shot into a series of smaller pieces, meaning that they'd all be rendered individually for a shorter period of time each. From a creative viewpoint, however, it meant that we could adjust the settings for the filter for each slice, making the distortion become more apparent as they drunk more and more; becoming even more of an accurate representation of what would be happening in the scene to the viewer.

In other news, I now have an early export file of our work at home; I'll get this uploaded as soon as is possible. This particular export does have a fair few problems with it, which I'll outline once I have it posted.


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