Saturday, 19 May 2012

Playback Speed (or how I can't mime)

So... my prelim task involves directing a recreation of this -

The general direction is going to need some work, but on top of that there's a couple of additional things which will need addressing - the speed, and the frame jumps.

First thing I'm looking at is the speed. By the looks of it they've used the common tactic of recording it at a slower pace then speeding it up in post production (this process is in fact the opposite of a portal as it alters the momentum. Slow thing goes in, speedy thing comes out). Thought I'd have a go at testing this out -


Here I changed the speed by 50%, but to match the speed of the FotL video I'd be inclined to go at 25%. 

Big problem which is instantly noticeable in my demo - the miming needs to be spot on to work. Mine is far from it; this is because it's extremely difficult to 'play' a song at a different tempo than what you're used to. 

Although I don't know who I'm going to be borrowing for the recreation (or who'll be playing what), as soon as we're sorted we'll need to actually practice the song a lot, as opposed to doing what I did and just thinking "what the hell" and getting on with it. 

On that note - Sir, do you know where one could find tabs for the song? I tried looking the other day and didn't have much luck, and my interpretation skills aren't all that. 



  1. Good on you! That's looking pretty accurate for a first stab. You've identified the techniques, thought bout ways round it and started experimenting - this is pleasing stuff.

    As for tabs, nope, sorry. Can't find any. If you need extra guitars ferrying in just yell.

    On my (unconventionally tuned) guitar the main riff is something like E Bb A Bb G G# only...not...and in not that order and with the odd extra note filled in (I'm useful, eh?).

    Having looked at the video though, do you need the tab? In terms of what the viewer can see (remember 99% of the population don't have the knowledge to be able to sit there getting really angry when 'live' performances feature guitarists strumming the G cord repeatedly and out of time) just rough hand placement will be enough as we don't get the chance to focus on the actual cord shapes. Plus I'm not sure they're taking the miming extremely seriously - no string tension or strumming at the same time as the top line rings out. Like Fall Out Boy with their jumping around shenanigans only without the sense of thinking they're great.

    On a vaguely (but ultimately not) related note, once opened for these guys and they really did just jump and spin and climb up the walls whilst managing to play perfectly.

  2. Good point. Though there's a part of me which wants it to look at least somewhat accurate; one of my pet hates when watching either music videos or "live" music is when it's clear the people playing ain't got a clue what they're doing. Unless they're doing it deliberately of course (I know Muse have done this a few times, as have Nirvana on TOTP) in which case it's funny.

    But hey, that's my paranoia. There's part in the video up there that really bugs me where I went back to the A when we can hear the riff. Fail.

    In regards to that song at the bottom, I'm usually quite tolerant of your wacky music taste, but in this case I don't know what I've just listened to :P

    1. You have listened to greatness, HM, greatness :)