Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Terminology/Key Word Database

This is the key terminology database which I will completely forget about update here and there with new key words.

  • Shots
  • Staging
  • Camera movements - e.g. pan, zoom.
  • Camera shots - e.g. close-up, wide-angle, bird's eye, shot/reverse shot etc.
    • Cuts - the way the different shots transition from one to the other.
    • Action Match - when two shots are edited together so that an action from one shot meets action from another shot.
    • Juxtaposition - set up between parallel storylines.
    • Jump cuts - often represent chaos/disorder.
    • Post-production - the editing stage; where the film is compiled together and necessary effects are added.
    • Diegetic Sound - Sound sourced from the scene.
    • Non-diegetic Sound - Sound which has been dubbed into the scene.
    • Dialogue - speech.
      • Costume - clothing
      • Props
      • Set - the location
      • Lighting - high key, low key, contrast levels etc.

      • Jenny Norris - disability representation. Says that writers draw on prejudice and stereotypes about the disabled to shape characters, which reinforces these negative viewpoints.
      • Karen Ross - said that the disabled want to address "respect issues" in the media, and that they want more authentic portrayals which make disability seem like an ordinary thing as opposed to something different.
      • Roland Barthes - Enigma codes/Mythologies [LINK]
      • Alvarado - Four themes/stereotypes in the media's representation of ethnicity - exotic, dangerous, pitied, humorous. 
      • Claude Lévi-Strauss - Binary opposition theory.

      Other Terminology
      • Signifier - the physical object presented to the viewer.
      • Signified - the meaning/mental concept conveyed by the signifier.
      • Representation - how people are shown/portrayed. [LINK]
      • Semiotics - the study of signs and meanings.
      • Verisimilitude - a sense of realism
      • Synergy - different companies working together to market a product e.g. the film company's brand being reinforced by merchandise manufacturers.
      • Proliferation - how easy it is to access
      • Four-quadrant film - aimed at the young, the old, male and female.
      • Parody - something which takes concepts from an original piece for the sake of satire.
      • Hybrid (genre) - borrows concepts from multiple genres.
      Audiences & Institutions

      • Audience - the consumer/viewing public
      • Convergence - how different technologies/companies come together.
      • Ideology - a common consensus of the 'ideal'
      • Institutions - Companies involved in production and distribution


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        1. Good to see it underway. Harry. Ooooh, and yours is the second blog that doesn't refuse to let me post as Mr S. This is nice to know. Keep adding to the glossary as we progress - it'll be an INVALUABLE revision tool as we progress.